Since childhood,  Leah had wanted to be massage therapist.  But before 2003, when she graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in Florida , she was an artist and musician who received her BFA from Ringling College Art and Design and was the only female beach guard in Sarasota County.  Her passion for the human body and healing injuries came from her past as a gymnast, swimmer, diver, and martial artist.  Incurring several sports injuries herself, she believes anyone can recover from an injury and chronic pain with the right treatments and motivation.

When she first moved back to Michigan she was offered a job at the University of Michigan Spine Clinic where she worked for several years as a massage therapist.  Doctors and physical therapists began to rely on her treatments to heal their patients when traditional medicine and therapy could not.  Because of her certifications in Lymphatic Drainage the Physical Medicine department asked her to work with post mastectomy patients. She began training and working in the OT department at the hospital helping women manage hardened radiation tissue, range of motion, scar tissue, and edema.

Leah Opened her own business downtown Ann Arbor in 2013.  She continues to specialize in spinal injuries, sports injuries, desk working related chronic pain, rotator cuff injuries,  lymphatic drainage, tendinitis, and general muscle imbalance.  She is currently training for a triathlon, boxing, practicing capoiera, and coaching the Ann Arbor Master’s Swim Team.

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